About Us

American African Trading International LLC was created in 2004, in the state of Connecticut. Its aim is to identify economic opportunities, to promote import and export in the interests of both American enterprises and African countries, through widened networks and expertise. The company provides a product line and specific services that foster international trade and inward investment. We are committed to providing better answers….

International Trade

Whatever the sector, we can help your company connect with the country opportunities you are looking for. Whether you’re interested in sourcing products or services or seeking new business partnerships ranging from joint ventures to technology transfers, American African Trading International will provide the answers you need.

Inward Investment

American African Trading International LLC (AATI) assists foreign businesses seeking to setup or expand in Sub-Saharan Africa, as a most favorable business location. Whether your company is considering production, contact centers, headquarters or a combination of any of these, our company will provide the right kind of advice and guidance.

Our focus on international business is supported by extensive and responsive networks in the US and abroad. With our experienced representatives in Europe and Africa, we are positioned to provide the service you need, wherever you are.

AATI provides potential direct investors with specific information on:

-Country Selection

Our experienced team will provide your company with insight and data concerning opportunities, government support and the legal framework in order to pinpoint the most favorable location for your operations.

-Overview of Benefits, Grants, and Incentives

We will assist your company in evaluating all benefits, tailor-made incentives and tax relief provided by governement and regional authorities.

-Decision Makers

We introduce investors to the appropriate country business networks and services. We provide contact with government agencies at all levels and facilitate the process involved in setting up a business, all aspects of incorporating a company in the region.

-Business Opportunities

Our team will help you identify relevant investment trends and contacts. Even after your company’s initial investment, AATI remains on hand to support additional investment activities.

Executive Team

Our major asset is our highly talented and experienced management team, with a proven record of success. The company’s headquarters is located in New Haven CT (US), along with three representatives in Europe (Paris, London, and Brussels), and six office liaisons in Africa (DRC, Rwanda, Namibia, Angolia, Ghana and Mozambique).

Simon Ngongi

Simon Ngongi

Founder, President and CEO

Mr. Simon Ngongi, responsible for developing, coordinating and managing new business opportunities, has over 25 years in export/import, and 12 years of international development. During his years as export/import manager, he promoted trade business between Europe and the Democratic Republic of Congo. He led Congolese delegations to the trade negotiations with the European Economic Community in Brussels (Belgium).

As international business developer, he worked several years at Doctors Associates Inc. (Subway Inc.), the world’s largest sandwich franchise. During these years, he developed sales in new markets over Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

By promoting trade between the Europe and African market, he demonstrated his flair for opening new emerging markets in places such as Ghana, Angola, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania and Uganda. Prior to creating his own company, Mr. Simon Ngongi had an import/export business in Kinshasa (DRC).
Mr. Simon Ngongi has a B.S. in economics and business management from the Universite Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium). He is currently pursuing a EMBA at the University of New Haven.

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